Age of Worms

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March 5th






Day 15: 11/17/2008
  • Group starts moving deeper intothe temple and begin fighting grimy "rable". Dirty scummy men probably recruited from the town
  • The party tries to setup an ambush with the plan tribs elemental will open the big main door luring them out.
  • Urshak charges ahead of the group into a large main room, similar to a gladiator arena and he gets locked inside
  • Urshak and Tribs elemental fight the humans in the arena while the rest of the group tries to get in one of he two doors leading further in.
  • The humans in the arena are defeated but then the onlookers from the balcony above the area summon a fiendish ape.
  • Trib summons a rock burrowing magma worm to cut through the door to get to Urshak.
  • Urshak is very beaten frm combating the ape but luckily he and tribs elemental were able to defeat it.
  • The people standing on the balcony jump down into the arena to fight the party except a cleric looking Human wearing full plate armor
  • Tribs two elementals persue the fleeing cleric
  • The rest of the party defeats the enemies in the arenacapturing a 1/2 orc and tieing him up for questioning.
  • The party then takes off chasing after the cleric which Tribs elementals
  • The party comes across the cleric fighting the elementals.The cleric has a few zombies as support. The party ends up defeating the zombies and capturing the cleric
  • Graace (1/2 orc) and Theldrek are brought to seperate rooms and are questioned
  • The Orc conly agrees to answer our questions if he is allowed to battle William.
    • "The Divine one will come"
    • "Holly sacrafices have been commmited already, the spleans have been thrown into the pool"
    • "Vecna knows no honor and fights with magic from the shadow"
    • "Her creatures, the Kinku and flightless bird creatures"
    • "They are lead by the faceless one"
    • "Over god will come and destroy you all"
  • William fights the orc. But the orc puts him on the run by tripping him.
  • In the end will is able to defeat the orc
Day 14: 11/6/2008
  • When grallak dies he spews a black cloud from his mouth and the cloud retreats down into the cave
  • We begin looting the first grimlock chamber
  • In the back chamber there is a collapsed passage
    • The party clears the passage and moves into the passage to explore it
    • They find nothing after about 30 mins of wandering
  • The party finds two scroll cases with parchments. We are unable to read the parchments and it is suggested that we take themto allustran.
  • While trying to return to town  the group runs into guards at the elevator. Holly and trukdo a good job sneaking up and killing them
  • Urshak and phage run to town quickly to visit Allustran about the parchement and buy more onyx gems for phage
    • Allustan reads the parchements for us
      • Power is growing in the black pool in the dark cathedal
      • Age of worms is upon us
      • greater power Driving evil forward
      • Ebon triads will is done. Kias will be upon us
        • Ebon triad is a cult dedicatedto merging their gods into one over god
  • Urshak and phage return and the party negins assualting the Hextor wing
    • Tribs elemental leads the way and breask the door down
    • The battle comes to a stalemate sicne niether side wanted to move down the hall
    • A dire boar charges down the hall with humans in tow
    • The party defeeats the boar and the rest of the enemy falls deeper into the temple to regroup
Day 13 (10/30/08)
  • In an attempt to rest the party sets up a defensive position in the grimlock archer hallway
  • The party piles bodies of the dead grimlocks in the hallway to impeed and emenies that might come.
  • A mist begins to form in the cavern 1/2 way through the rest. Urshak shouts and wakes everyone.
  • Phage Looses control of her skeletons but can't see through the fog to see from who. In turn phages skeletons begin attacking Urshak.
  • Urshak attempts to cut the rope bridge to cause the bridge to fall. Sadly he fails.
  • Urhsak gets "Hold Person" Cast on him while the enemy is closing in from across the ropre bridge.
  • Will tries to climb down the opposite side is attempt to flank the group that is attacking the party.
    • WHile climbing down Will falls and Grimlocks strike him from hiding.
    •  Truk and Trib move to assist wil and begin battle with a trio of grimlocks
    • A Grimlock appears, it has eyes sewn into its sockets in the lower hall
  • Phage and Holly attempt to get to the "Held" Urshak but they are cut of and cannot kill the enemby that stands in their way.
  • Urshak continue fails WIll save s and never breaks the "Hold Person" spell cast on him. He then gets Coup-de-Graced and died.
  • Phage, in an attempt to recontrol he skeletons begins casting rebuke but fails. In the end she is brought to negative HP's by her own Skeletons.
  • The Skeletons move across the bridge stepping over phages & Urshaks body and beginto fight Holly.
  • Holly falls into Negative HPs and in a last effort she falls backwards of the cliff feather falling down to the rest of the party. (AWESOME MOVE!!)
  • Will Kills the Grimlock Priest (With the EYes sewn in) with the help of tribs elemental.
  • The party moves onto the grimlocks up top.
  • Trib summons a small elemental which starts shoving the grimlocks off the cliff.
  • After a round or two whats left of the party dispatches the rest of the grimlocks and the ambush comes to an end
Day 12 (10/9/08)
  • Holly scouts ahead to find grimlock Barbarian  on top of path.
  • Truk sees nothing on the bottom of path.
  • Holly and Urshak Move on upper path to fight the barbarian with a plan from Trib to have his elemental grapple
  • The Grimlock sensed the paries approach and drank a pair of buffing potions and in turn it was able tobreak the lementals grapple.
  • While Urhsak engages the Grimlock brabarian the rest of the party moves to engage as well when a pair of chokers jump them.
  • Truk, WIll, Phages Skeletons and Trib engages the chokers.
  • Urshaks begins to bullrush the Grimlokc barbarian out of the hall and Tribs elemental gets the killing blow.
  • The grimlock across thebrisge appears and attacks Holly. Truk drops him with a quick arrow salvo.
  • The party moves into the next room ad begins engaging a handful of grimlocks that were waiting to ambush. Included in the group of grimlocks is one of their cheiftans who is avery strong warrior.
  • Urshak and the cheiftan exchange heavy blows while the party held bacl the other enemies.
  • Generally the final combat was executed well, even though a large amount of healing as needed to recover.
  • One section of the cave remains un exploreed so far. The party plans on attmpting to rest prior to going deeper into the cave.


Day 11 (9/22/08)
  • After Holly and Will fall in combat within the Temple under the Dowerstone mine the part decides to fall back return to town with the bodies of their fallen comrades
  • Smenk pays for Holly and Williams resurections but leaves town still fearing the inhabitants of the temple are after his life.
  • The party is not in dept to Smenk for his financial generosity of bring Will and Holly back to life, however if the party wishes to Venture back into the temple they will not be paid from Smenks end.
  • Even so the party regroups upon a request from the Druid Trib and they are informed he has a plan ot get back in the mine.
  • On the way to meet with trib that party is ambushed by a pair of Tiefling archers, similar tothe tieflings they had encountered in the main room of the temple.
  • Once the party came under attack a mysterious half-elf emerges from the treeline. With long bow in hand he aids the party in defeating the Tieflings.
  • The Half-elves name is Truk, he is a ranger who has been doing reserach on the parties reccent ventures and wishes to assist them in their cause.
  • Upon arriving at the observatry Trib informs the party that he has In fact he has been working for 2 days digging a tunnel into the mine with his summoned animals (Badgers and Wolverines).
  • The party agrees to use Tribs tunnel to enter the cave and head off to explore this temple even more.
  • Upon entering the main hall of the temple once again a teifling stand at one of the three doorways Truk shots him with an arrow however the tiefling close the door in time and most likely informs the rest of that temple area of our pressence.
  • The party still leaves the tiefling be and continues down the hall with the broken door. Phage beleives it to be a hall dedicated to Erythnul seeing how the Creatures are  Ogre or Troll like and the often use morningstars, the dieties weapon of choice. Howeverm this idea has not yet been confirmed.
  • The party moves through the same rooms they have gone through previously, but it is obvious the inhabitants are better prepared for the parties return.
  • Holly comes across a Thunderstone trap indicating they are ready for the party.
  • The party moves to the same cliff face where Will and Holly met their demise on the previous venture.
  • The party discusses a plan to have urshak attack the archers from above while the rest of the party moves down to reienforce.
  • How ever the conversation takes a it to long and the party is overheard by the archers, thus ruining the abiliy to surprise them. Also, Urshak fails the leap from the leadge above and similar skill failures result in  diffulty climbing down the ledge. Its Dejavu for the party.
  • Trib pulls through using his elemental and a scroll of Swarm summoning to great effect to help most of the party climb t the bottom on the cliff.
  • However with the party split up a pair of grimlocks ambush those still on top of the cliff. Luckily a well organized fight by Phages Undead, William & Truk shooting from range defeat the grimlocks.
  • The archers are widdleddown gradually by Tribs Swarm and elemental until they are defeated.
  • The ntire party climbs to the bottom of the cliff where they heal & regroup. The adventure deeper into the temple is about to continue.
Day 10 (9/11/2008)
  • The party meets up togather at the emporium, with their new Friend William Terrmain, a Soldier from the garrison assigned to keep track of Urshak.
  • Urshak is still in prison for a few more days
  • Smenk Invites the party to his mansion for dinner once again
    • Apparently Smenks body guards have been getting hurt or killed recently
    • The party heads to smenks house but things are not the same as their previous vist
      • Smenks house was always know nto have an open door, but not each door was heavily guarded upon arrival. The party was asked to remove all weapons and is ecorted into the estate under the watch of armed guards.
    • Smenk has had a business problem with the Dowerstone mine and is  requesting the parties help
      • He asks the party to head into the mine in order to colect unpaid funds from the inhabitants deep within the mine.
      • After further questioning we find that was most likely the man that followed the party arround town
      • Further questioning reveals Smenk is not telling the party the entire truth. Nearly walking out the door smenk finall breaks down and tells the group he is in danger and needs the groups help.
      • Smenk attempted to manipulate the mine inhabitants by giving them lower quality product but charging them more money
      • Dennis (his man servant) was decaitated and his head was placed in Smenks bed as a threat from the mines inhabitants
      • The party accepts Smenks  request (1000gp Each as payment) and ventures to the mine
    • Smenk has an inside mine that is able to get the party into mine between shift changes, after they are in the mine they are on their own.
    • The party reaches an elevator at the center of the mine and heads down
      • At the bottom of the elevator the party engages a pair of Tieflings and defeats them.
      • Prior to the tieflings defeat one was able to bang on a nearby door, possibly alerting allies to the party
      • The main hall has 3 hallways leading off it and a large pool with dark liqued in it
        • 2 of the hallway doors have labels of a diety, Hextor, and Vecna, the 3rd is unlabeled
      • The party decides to head down the unlabeled hallway first
      • The first room down the unlabel hall is 3 grimlocks that ambush the party and nearly kill both casters. The party is able to receover and defeat 2 of them before the 3rd retreats
      • The party moves to the next room where they come across 2 hounds with fearing howls, a Grimlock who acts as their hound master and the final retreating grimlock.
      • The battle seems to be going well until the Hound Master Grimlock gets a critcal hit on the already damaged WIlliam and kills him.
      • Phage preserves Williams body so it can be brought back to life at a later time.
      • The group Decides that the 2 skeletons Phage has risen will be enough and the party continues on
      • The party comes to a cliff over looking a large chasm. The wall of thei side of the chasm is setup to climb down and the party begins there accent.
      • From the opposite sid eo the chasm a pair of Grimlocks begin to fire arrows at the party as they attempt to go down the cliff.
      • Some party member fall, some get taken out by arrows. In the panic Holly ends up taking volley of 4 arrows and dies.
      • Phage casts a feat spell on the Grimlocks and the party (Trib, Phage, 2 raised skeletons) gather the bodies of there fallen comrades (William and Holly) and make their way out as fast as possible.



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