Age of Worms

Day 12 (10/9/08)

  • Holly scouts ahead to find grimlock Barbarian  on top of path.
  • Truk sees nothing on the bottom of path.
  • Holly and Urshak Move on upper path to fight the barbarian with a plan from Trib to have his elemental grapple
  • The Grimlock sensed the paries approach and drank a pair of buffing potions and in turn it was able tobreak the lementals grapple.
  • While Urhsak engages the Grimlock brabarian the rest of the party moves to engage as well when a pair of chokers jump them.
  • Truk, WIll, Phages Skeletons and Trib engages the chokers.
  • Urshaks begins to bullrush the Grimlokc barbarian out of the hall and Tribs elemental gets the killing blow.
  • The grimlock across thebrisge appears and attacks Holly. Truk drops him with a quick arrow salvo.
  • The party moves into the next room ad begins engaging a handful of grimlocks that were waiting to ambush. Included in the group of grimlocks is one of their cheiftans who is avery strong warrior.
  • Urshak and the cheiftan exchange heavy blows while the party held bacl the other enemies.
  • Generally the final combat was executed well, even though a large amount of healing as needed to recover.
  • One section of the cave remains un exploreed so far. The party plans on attmpting to rest prior to going deeper into the cave.



Okay guys its time to start thinking about this “Boss” that Aaron says lies ahead. If it/they are anything like the Flying Air Warriors from the Whispering Cairn we are in some serious trouble.

I know I for one am completely out of usefull spells (0 Lvl 1 Cleric and Sorcerer Spells Left). I know Trib was hurting for spells as well and we only have 3 charges of healing left on our wand. Atleast everyone is alive right now and I have my complement of 2 Skeletons, but I still think we are to weakened to continue. Phage for example could raise 2 more Grimlock Skeletons to assist with the fight but cant since she has no more available Lvl 1 Sorcerer Spells.

I know it may be a long shot since we haven’t cleared out the entire wing, but what if we moved back to the first room in the Grimlock Area, setup camp and rested. There are only 2 ways into that room (If I recall correctly) and I could have my skeletons guard each door. The entry door actualy has the original Thunderstone Trap that Holly found so we also have that as an early warning system. I realy think getting the extra spells for Buffs, Heals, and Skeletons might make the difference in this final Fight. In the end if we do get jumped in the 8 hours of rest(So casters cant get their spells back) atleast we tried. Also, I do have 1 Detect Magic Spell left. Perhaps with Aarons approval I can use that spell combined with Knowledge (Arcana) checks to identify if we have any magic items on us from this part of the temple.

Aaron and all, what do you think? Since people don’t read the page everynight I will copy this into an e-mail tomorrow at work so we can discuss.

Day 12 (10/9/08)

Now I probably shouldn’t have said anything about how much farther you have to go, so I hope no one will use out of game knowledge unfairly. Camping in an unsecured section of a dungeon generally is not a good idea. However, I understand that you may be feeling desperate.

To give you some more out of game knowledge, in the whispering cairn there were three wings, each with its own “boss” and the chapter had its “big boss”, the air warriors. This is generally the format of these chapters. Do not dread the upcoming encounter, I don’t believe it will be nearly as difficult as you feel it will be. Remember back to the whispering cairn should give you some idea. But, I have underestimated the difficulty of things in the past and you probably shouldn’t take my note on it. We would just have to see how the luck ratio holds out. (speaking of which, I think you should keep individual tallies from each game session and don’t pool them up. I’m curious if people are consistently unlucky or have good and bad nights. I would also like to be included, I would think I would be more normally (square actually) distributed.)

Assuming that Ryan partially heals his elemental and with your two skeletons, your party size consists of 9 individuals, plus anything else Ryan can summon. Your party size, and therefore pooled HPs are huge.

Day 12 (10/9/08)

I understand what you are saying about hit points but we simply dont have the healing to keep up if we run into another “Cheiftan” like character. Ryan had to continuesly healed Urhsak through the whole fight and he still barely kept him out of negative hit points.

If the “Boss/s” Take away 1/2 the parties pooled hit points that can mean 1 of 2 things. Either it simply went down the line and started killing one character at a time until it died or it attacks everyone equally until they are at 1/2 HP and moves to the next. The 2nd situation is very unlikely to happen since in general the Boss/s wants to either weaken the parties primary sources of damage, or go after there reinforcing casters first. Either way it results in to much loss of life. In my opinion We should try to set ourselves of for complete sucess, not partial sucess with 1/2 the party dead.

Technically only Phage and Trib really need to rest since the rest of the party is at nearly full strength. But like I said our biggest problem right now has been in the healing department, if we dont have enough healing we die. We have learned our lesson with Allowing WIlliam to drop to 1/2 health and get one shotted, and the Barbarian Grimlock and the CHeiftan really did a number on Urshak, and they were just trash monsters designed to weaken us for the boss/s at the end of the wing.

I still say we try to rest. If you as the GM, either role a random encounter which interuppts that rest or simply deny us the ability to recharge because we cant rest soundly in a place of danger thats your call. I just want to know that if any characters die fighting this wings last boss/s atleast we went in guns a blazing, instead of having no ammo to fire.

Day 12 (10/9/08)

Stereotypical Tony whining incoming:

Paranoia is the seventh member of our party. Speaking for myself, I’m willing to use out-of-game info or metagame knowledge to keep Urshak and the party alive. Absolutely. Without a second thought. In case you haven’t noticed, this has been f|_|cking hard. I feel that combat has to be a chess game. There’s absolutely no room for character flair or roleplaying. Every turn has to be strategically planned to maximize the overall party strength…and then one mob crits and one of us dies (or a fireball comes and kills two of us, all the undead minions, and puts the rest below 10hp).

If the party in this state (healing wand all but drained, no rages, hardly any spells left) were to go up against that dagger barbarian under the same circumstances, I’m toast. If I wouldn’t have raged last time, I would have hit -12 hp. That was a trash mob. If we’re going for realism here, the intelligent characters in our party are praying to whatever deity they worship simply that we’d be able to escape through what we’ve already cleared, much less take on whatever is coming up. Even for the non-intelligent characters, survival instinct has to be kicking in here.

If we’ve learned anything from what has been beaten into us all this time, going into a boss fight in the state we’re in would be nothing but sure death or pulled punches.

Day 12 (10/9/08)

I don’t know if this (or should) change any of your plans but I put something else on the loot list. I moved it from somewhere else in the temple complex.

Day 12 (10/9/08)

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