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Game Night!!!!

Game night at Kurt's house.  His address should still be in the Gmail Account. 

March 5th





I have Kurt’s Pizzas that I’ll bring tomorrow night. Do you think they will be alright in the car during the day? Its supposed to get up to 40.

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I posted the link for the website that I was talking about in the general comments section that Urshak had started. Take a look. Also I encourage everyone to add something to the site, even if its just filling out a feat, spell, ability in the character option section.

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Last Weekend I had my Wisdom teeth out so I had a chance to update the website and add some stuff Take a look at the XP for the Fetch and verify that is what you have been using. It should be identical to the spreadsheet linked. (Hopefully this is also what Trib has been using until I get his stuff posted)

2. Pivotal RPG movies under the Wiki Page - Take a read and add your thoughts.  I think its fun to talk about what makes a good or bad movie - I would like to see some feedback posted
3. RPG tools in General Comments under the Wiki Page - Take a look at the link and see if these tools will work or not.  Has some good video introductions.

Phage – If you have the time and motivation I would like you to flush out the descriptions under the ceremony of the Prestige races left undone, what it takes to ascend and what the individual looks like afterwards. Be creative and have fun.

The adventure log for a while has been lacking. If someone wants to take a crack at it, it would be appreciated. It doesnt have to be all enclusive, just barebones.

I have the XP for Trib’s Prestige race but have yet to post it. I’ll get that done soon.


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When/where? Anything this week, or is it wine tasting?

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These week was wine tasting. Next week I have a pregnancy class on Thursday, but I would be free Monday. I’m now driving to Arden Hills. But I do get home about 5:30, so we can play at Tony’s around 6:15ish?

Has anyone taken a look at the online tools that I posted? This may be the last game for awhile in person, so if we are going to keep this going we are going to have to come up with a solution.

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My place is always open. I’m in Plymouth every day, so I’m more than willing to play anywhere in the Cities too.

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It is about 8:30 Sunday. I’m assuming that we are not going to be playing tomorrow Night and I’m out Thursday due to a class. It seemed in the past that during the week other days don’t work, so it looks like we will try to arrange something Next week.

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Sounds fair to me. The plan was to have it at your place correct DM?

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so next thursday at DM’s… sounds good

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I need directions. I forgot the login/pw to the email account.

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Sorry about being lax on posting stuff on the site. I’ll check it to see if anyone else has posted anything and then not do it myself.

Anywhos. If its alright with everyone, lets play at Tony’s this week. My wife is getting really pregnant and it will be easier on her.

This will be our last game for a while, so we need to come up with a plan (or not) for the future. Has anyone reviewed the software and given it a try, or have an alternative? I haven’t looked into it any more since I posted it.

Additionally, contributionts to the site have tappered off considerably since the December. I would still like to see this site represent the world we have been building. Post anything and everything you think would be interesting. I know everyone has a shortage of time these days, but do what you can.

- Log posts of our sessions (I don’t know if notes are still being taken, but alot has happene since the last)

- Holly has taken a level in Cleric. Post something about your diety and your relationship.

- I finally finished everything with Phage’s prestige races. All of the levels and XP are correct. Please review and verify that you have spent the correct amounts and are maintaining level limits.

- Trib, I have started but haven’t updated your prestige races. Talk with Phage about the XP she needs and keep track in case it changes when I do get it updated.

- I’m going to work on the site in the downtime so I want to compile a list of what needs to be updated. Please help me with it.


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One other thing. I know I haven’t seen any of you for a while and I hope everyone is doing well. If anyone has any news that they want to share, I appreciate it.

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Hmm… Ok, there might be a problem.

There’s probably a 90% chance that I won’t be able to make it tomorrow, so having it at my house will probably not work.

I have a ton of work to do before tomorrow afternoon, and then a ton more to do before Friday. Unless I can get an inhuman amount of stuff done tomorrow morning (or things go flawlessly tomorrow afternoon), I’m gonna be stuck. I’ll be in Chanhassen tomorrow, so I figured I could still work late and end up being relatively on time to your place.

After next week, things should calm down a bit. If they don’t send me down to Mexico for a week after that, I should be back down to <55>s on my to-do list. This weekend maybe?

A Demon Warrior update would be nice :)

Beach Boys. May 8th. Grand Casino, Mille Lacs. 8:00 P.M. Be there, or gtfo.

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< 55 hours. Apparently <_55_hrs>t be at my place tomorrow. Too risky.

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lol… html thing again…

I’ll try again.

After next week, I should be back down to under 55 hour workweeks again.

I haven’t looked at any of the RP tools yet, but it’s on my to-do list. This weekend maybe?

Just to be perfectly clear, it really can’t be at my house tomorrow. It’s too risky as I probably won’t be able to make it.

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My place is always open. I don’t have that 2nd couch anymore but I should still be able to fit people if needed.

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I guess it really doesn’t matter anyway. My wife found basement in our basement (the closet carpet is damp) so I’m going to be steam vaccuuming the basement tomorrow night and probably digging a second sump pump. I’m sorry guys I really wanted to play. At this point I don’t know when/if the next time will be. Again I’m interested in hearing how everyone is doing and post you later.

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Just got on to say that I WAS going to be able to make it tonight…

Best of luck with the whole “basement in your basement” thing.

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As far as “not a lot of activity on the site lately”, I think that’s a side effect of the way the last few sessions have panned out. By that, I mean a whole lot of combat and not a whole lot of story.

...and my boss just told me to get a passport, so I’m probably heading to Mexico relatively soon for about a week or so.

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Thats cool and not so. My first day at BS I got an email saying that Mexico has been added to the “no travel” countries. Evidently there has been a whole bunch of kidnappings and murders of american travelers. Be extra careful and “Dress Down”.

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I just won’t shave for a couple days before I go. I’ll fit right in.

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Most of you I have added as Friends on Facebook, but for those of you who I have’t yet told, my wife and I had our daughter yesterday. She came 3 weeks early but is a healthy 7 pounds 4 ounces, 19 inches long. So needless to say the game is going to be delayed for a while. Hopefully the 4.0 game is still going strong and everyone will stay in touch so we can get back on track when things settle down again. Which I hope will be sooner then later.

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Congratulations Dad!

She looks just like you.

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How’s Ella doing? Has she smiled yet? Do girls pee on you every time you change their diapers? What kind of range do they have on those things?

I’ve been busy with work, developing that D&D program I talked about like six months ago, and playing with my boy, so I still have yet to check out those apps.

That and my pigs all seem to be coming down with something. They just kinda lay around all day now…

Speaking of pigs, I saw that the HTI execs upped their severance packages on Friday. Did they do it to “help employee retention”, or are they just trying to get all they can because they know they’re on the chopping block this time around?

Anyway, I don’t see myself having much time to sit and play 3.5 in any form that’s on a regular schedule. I would, however, love to keep the campaign going somehow. If there was some way that keep moving things along through forum posts or something, I would be all for it.

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Ella and Lisa are both doing very well. We had a little bit of a scare with Ella the first couple of days as she came home slightly jandice, which I guess is normal for early babies. We had a special light bed that she had to sleep on for several days.

For the most part she sleeps and eats. 2 or 3 nights (not in a row) now she has had really bad gas that makes her very cranky, keeping lisa and I up. We think it has to do with something Lisa ate, we are still trying to track it down.

I have never seen Ella pee. Of course her diapers are wet but no projectile piss. However, I have been the victim of projectile poop. On that I would say she has a good 5 foot range (given that she is on a 3’ tall table). Luckily? its not nearly as disqusting as I thought it would be.

Yeah, work takes up alot of time, especially with the new commute. However, I still am jonesing for some sort of action and am still designing stuff (I promise I will get your prestige race stuff posted soon).

As far as the pigs are concerned, I told you not to by those hogs from Acopolco. They just didn’t look right with those red boils and that unhealthy disposition towards fowl.

I didn’t hear anything about increased severance packages, however evidently today there is supposed to be some sort of announcement on what they are going to be doing. It will be interesting to watch the stock prices.

I would like to see some posts from the other guys in our merry band. How are Phage, Trib, and Holly doing? Have they been able to find alternate sources of revenue? How are Will and Truk taking all the news?

I would love to see if we could do the next chapter more story based. Kind of like those old choose your own adventures tales. I would do some sort of setup and everyone would write a paragraph or two. Then everything would be edited together. I believe that it would also give everyone a better understanding of who there character is. I think people get to stuck on the mechanics and forget the role playing portions.

But anywhose, I hope everyone is doing well and would love to hear from them.

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I heard Truk got the axe. I haven’t talked to him in a while though.

5ft range? How the heck does that work? Do you lay her on her stomach and squeeze her or something? Man, I couldn’t do 5ft if I tried…

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Her poop is kind of looks like cottage cheese. You take these nuggets and put a little of gas behind them…............

Yeah, it looks like the PDE really got nailed this time around. 7 I think, including Truk.

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I am doing better now with my C-PAP – finally got the final setting on it and its almost to the max setting which isn’t good. I am sleeping a lot better sometimes like a rock. Haven’t had a drowsy spell or fallen asleep at work since – which is good. Heard about Truk – I think I saw him outside the movie theatre in town but didn’t get a chance to say hello – he was talking to a couple of people I didn’t know and I had my mom tagging along so I couldn’t wait. Saw Wolverine – it was OK. Talk to you guys later and Aaron congrats to your family on the birth of your daughter. Please no more talk about projectile anything – those of us without children need to be spared of those horrors.

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I don’t know if anyone is still watching the site, but if you are I’ve been adding some stuff (at work in my down time). I’ve put up what my plans were for Phage and Urshak. I’m working on Truck and Will next. You can find them in your character profiles under Private conversations. I encourage everyone to puruse all parts of the site, I’ve put things in many pits and corners throughout that you may haven’t seen before.

If you haven’t heard, big get together this weekend, be there or be some sort of geometric shape.

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Dec 17 is a Thursday; I should be able to make it, unless something changes in my life in the next 5 months.

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I talked to Kurt. He said he had some church thing going on ;)

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