Phage Erebus

Level 1 Cleric/ Level 4 Dread Necromancer


STR: 6
DEX: 10
CON: 13
INT: 14
WIS: 11
CHA: 19
REF: 1
WILL: 6 
AC: 14
HP: 30
BAB: +2
Skills of Note:

  • Apprasie (Wands/Armor): +6 
  • Craft (Wood Carving): +10
  • Craft (Armor): +10
  • Intimidate: +12
  • Knowledge Arcana: +7
  • Knowledge Religion: +7
  • Spellcraft: +5

Domains:Magic & Death
Feats & Special Abilities

  • Human Lvl 1: Tomb Tainted Soul (Libris Mortis)
  • Lvl 1: Corpsecarfter (Libris Mortis)
  • Lvl 3: Spell Focus (Necromancy)
  • Dread Necro: Charnal Touch
  • Cleric/Dread Necro: Rebuke Undead
  • Dread Necro: Lich Body DR/2 Bludgeoning
  • Dread Necro: Negaive Energy Burst 1/day
  • Dread Necro: Mental Bastion +2

Spells (Dread Necromancer)

  • Sources
    • PHB: Players Handbook
    • HOH: Heroes of Horror
    • LB: Libris Mortis
    • Special: Given by GM from other source 

Spell Level 1:                                                                Spell Level 2:

<table width=”478”><tbody><tr height=”17”><td height=”17” width=”263”>Bane (PHB)</td><td> Blindess/Deafness (PHB)</td></tr><tr height=”17”><td height=”17”>Bestow Curse (HOH)</td><td> Command Undead (PHB)</td></tr><tr height=”17”><td height=”17”>Cause Fear (PHB)</td><td> Darkness (PHB)</td></tr><tr height=”17”><td height=”17”>Chill Touch (PHB)</td><td> Death Knell (PHB)</td></tr><tr height=”17”><td height=”17”>Detect Magic (PHB)</td><td> False Life (PHB)</td></tr><tr height=”17”><td height=”17”>Detect Undead (PHB)</td><td> Gentle Repose (PHB)</td></tr><tr height=”17”><td height=”17”>Doom (PHB)</td><td> Ghoul Touch (PHB)</td></tr><tr height=”17”><td height=”17”>Hide from Undead (PHB)</td><td> Inflict Moderate Wounds (PHB)</td></tr><tr height=”17”><td height=”17”>Inflict Light Wounds (PHB)</td><td> Scare (PHB)</td></tr><tr height=”17”><td height=”17”>Ray of Enfeeblement (PHB)</td><td> Spectral Hand (PHB)</td></tr><tr height=”17”><td height=”17”>Undetechable Allignement (PHB)</td><td> Summon Swarm (PHB)</td></tr><tr><td> Animate Skeleton (Special)</td><td> Animate Zombie (Special)</td></tr><tr><td> </td><td> Kelgore's Grave Mist (PHB II)</td></tr></tbody></table>


Character Name: Phage Erebus
Alignment : Lawful Neutral (Wee Jas)
Race : Human
Age : 30
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130 lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black


Phage came from a relatively humble upbringing. Phage was an only child from the Erebus family. Her parents had many hardships in having a baby and after two previous miscarriages Phage was born. Her parents viewed her as a true blessing and were very kind and caring while raising her. The Erebus family ran a small farm east of Diamond Lake near the town of Hardride. There Phage spent her youngest years simply doing what children do best, playing and enjoying the simple life.

At the age of six after the fall harvest her parents set out east with a wagon full of corn and items to sell and barter for at the Diamond lake market. It was here along that long stretch of road where Phage's life would change forever. After the first day of travel night set in and Phages father setup a small fire on the side of the main road. The plan was they would spend the evening in their covered wagon and finish the journey over the course of the next few days. That night phage slowly fell asleep in the loving arms of her mother while her father stayed up a bit later to dry their wet cloths that had been rained on earlier in their travels. A scream shot through the air and Phage awoke with a jolt. Looking around within the wagon she found that her mother was no longer in sight. Phage crawled to the back of the wagon and peered out of the rear cover. There she saw her mother holding a lit torch kneeling over the bloodied corpse of her father. Her father had been brutally maimed from head to toe and laying in a pool of his own blood. In a fit of panic Phage's mother began shouting into the darkness, "Why have you done this?! What sort of monster are you?!" Just then a human figure stepped into the torchlight, the figure walked with a limp and it brought with it the heavy odor of decay. It stood at the edge of the torch light and a moment later more of these vile beings appeared from the darkness. A dozen zombies surround Phages mother, Phages attempted to scream but the shear horror of what she say seemed to pull the life from her lungs. Then a voice echoed from the darkness beyond the torch light, "We only came for the man, this woman is nothing but food." Phages mother torch still in hand turn to reach for the dagger her husband had kept on his belt. As she reach down towards the sheath phages fathers hands bolts to life grabbing her mother by the arm, his eyes emitting a piercing red light. Phages mother let out a frightened shriek and begins t frantically free herself from her husbands cold grip. The surrounding zombies walk towards her mother until they are on top of her. As the torch goes out the only thing phage can hear are the muffled whimpers, tearing flesh, and cracking bones of her mother as she gets eaten alive. Phage in a fit of horror leaps from the back of the wagon and begins running through the woods. How long she runs, she doesn’t know. But she did not stop until her lungs felt as if they were on fire and her veins pumped acid. She collapsed at the foot of a large tree and passed out.

When phage awoke she was she was under the care of the Cult of the Green lady. Members of the cult had been patrolling the road west of Diamond Lake in search of a rogue necromancer when they came upon Phage a few yards off the road sprawled out beneath a large dead oak tree. After seeing the aftermath of the attack on her parents Lady Amariss, the Cult leader, took her in to be raised as a member. To this day phage vividly remembers the night of her parents butchering. The pain of suffering that her parents went through has burned a deep black hole on her soul. The thought of undead being controlled in such a destructive and evil manner causes her great anger. Even now she believes a part of her died that night along with her parents and that festering blot on her soul drives her punish those who don't understand the sanctity of the living as well as the rights of the dead. Character Eccentricities and personality : Phage grew up to be a very open person, sociable and kind. She considers herself a calm person who is not quick to anger. However she can be quick to judge and in many cases places stereotypes on people. Examples, all Barbarians are animals and all Rogues are thieves. This trait is due to her living a sheltered life with the cult of the green lady. She is loyal but only to those that are loyal to her cause as well. She has no tolerance for being used, mislead, or disregarded for any reason. She attempts to bring order to many situations even the ones she isn't in control of. In allot of cases she has difficulty simply letting go. Phage can also be considered a bit of a pessimist, but can you blame her, she lost her parents when she was only 6. Even if companions are friendly and loyal she will be thinking of ways to protect herself if those bonds ever do break, She refuses to depend on anyone else, and views dependencies as a weakness. Description of goals & motivation for being with this group:

Since her parents deaths Phage has since become intrigued by the concept of mortality and death. Both in the Religious and scientific sense. In her childhood this intrigue was simply a way to help explain what happened to her parents and where they are now. Perhaps hoping that they could somehow come back. But as the years went on she came to realize the hard truth of the matter. In her teens she sunk into a deep depression and at age 15 Phage attempted suicide. She stills bears the scars on her wrists to this day and they are easily visible on her pale skin. A member of the cult found her on her bed on the verge of death, luckily she was able to be stabilize her and in the following months make a complete recovery. To this day much of the cult believes the suicide was spurn on by her feelings of desperation, but there is more to it that Phage never told the cult. In phages mind it was more of an experiment, her way of testing the boundary between life and death and although it was not a pleasant experience she still believes that it was an enlightening event. She even believes that she saw glimpses of the afterlife and had visions of creatures and beings beyond this world. But in the end Phage realizes it was all probably due to the massive amount of blood loss and they were all just hallucinations.

It is this deep intrigue of life and death that pushes Phage onward. Since going on her own adventures and leaving the sanctuary of the tomb of the green lady, she has a new found feeling of independence. She believes that continuing down the current path with the party will help enforce the teachings of Wee Jas and he green lady cult as we as pursue her own study of life, death, and the powers that control and manipulate it. Possible Destinys: 1. Surcome to the powers of the veil between life and death and begin to drift toward evil and vileness 2. Learns to control her newly discovered powers and to skirt that grey line between good and evil.

Phage Erebus

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