Holly Queen








ranged=7 (dagers= 8)

str-10 dex-16 con-10 int-14 wis-11 cha-12

Fort-1 Relex-7 Will-1


appraise-6 balance-6 bluff-3 climb-4 diplomacy-7 disable device-9 disguise-2 escape artist-5

gather information-5 hide-8 intimidate-3 jump-5 knowledge (local)-6 listen-2 move silently-9

open lock-7 dance-3 search-9 (14 w/ goggles) spot-3 tumble-3 use magic device-2 rope-7

slight of hand-6

<u>abilities </u>

immune to sleep, +2 saving throws against enchangtment, low light vision, elven blood,

sneak attack 2d6, trapfinding, evation, trap sense +1, uncanny dodge


improved initiative

point blank shot



Holly was found wondering lost in the woods as a small girl by one of Zalamandra's girls (Zalamandra is the propriater of the Emporium) Saffron.    She was taking in and taught the trade of dancing as she grew up at the Emporium. 

Holly has always been inquisitive by nature and never backs down from a mystery.  She is friendly and likes to make "friends" with all.  Because she was taken in out of the forest she has a sence that their should be good done in the world, however, her "teenage" spunk normally provides unusual approch to having good being done.  She struggles with what is the "right" thing to do but feels that as she grows she will find within her goodness. 

Holly is also compeitive by nature this creates some healthy conflict between her and Sage (the other Half-elf dancer).  But Holly knows that she is better if not at dancing at other things that she finds herself engaged in.  Growing up at the Emproium she has learned alot from Shag Soloman about the world.  This has only fueled her need for knowledge.  Part of her never ending thurst for how things work has lead her to take everything appart she can get her danty hands on.  

The greatest queston burning in her that hasn't been answered is about her history. Where are / what happend to her parrents?  Why was she left alone in the woods.

Holly Queen

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