William Tremaine


Str: 14
Dex: 12
Con: 10
Int: 10
Wis: 11
Cha: 16

HP: 30
AC: 18

Fortitude: 4
Reflex: 4
Will: 1

Bluff: 5
Concentration: 1
Diplomancy: 7
Heal: 1
Knowledge (Architecture and Engineering): 2
Knowledge (Dungeoneering): 2
Knowledge (Nobility): 1
Knowledge (Religion): 1
Sense Motive: 2

Speed: 20 feet

Quick Draw
Lightning Reflexes
Exotic Weapon Profiency

Chain Mail
Shield Heavy Steel

Sword, Bastard

Family background
Grandparents on both sides were neighbors who were titled nobles with large land holdings.
They actually had estates several miles apart, but their lands bordered each other.
Relationships between both families is good, with a lot of trade between them, mutual goals, interests, protection/defense etc.
The relationship continues to be that way with my character's uncles who are now the heads of their respective families..

Maternal grand parents were philanthropists – they believed strongly in education and paid to have their estate workers, other employees, local villagers educated with at least basic reading and writing skills. The higher literacy rate allowed for higher quality craftsmanship and productivity on the estate and neighboring communities.  People in the region enjoyed a higher standard of living as well.

Father was the second son in the family and therefore not directly in line to inherit any titles or land.
Father went to military academy for education and pursued  a career as an officer in the army.
He had hoped that his army career would lead to opportunities to earn his own land and title through his deeds.

Mother was well loved by both families and had died from an illness when my character was still young (5-6 years old).  Prior to her marriage to my character's father, she had worked hard with her parents on their philanthropic interests.  After marriage those interests continued but to a lesser degree.

My character had brief visits from his father while he was on leave.
He would tell tales of his and his men's exploits and adventures.
Due to his standing in the army, his father had to pay to equip the men in his company.
Father and several of his men died in battle protecting some townspeople from being slaughtered by raiders.
Father had many debts due to his last several military campaigns and left very little money to his only son.

Character being orphaned and with very little money, split time living with both sides of his family during the remainder of his childhood. 
He was liked by the members of each family's household and staff.
He too was sent to military academies.
While attending school, he received a small monthly living allowance from his grandparents to cover his living expenses.
Being a nobleman with no title or property – he had nothing to earn an income from so he too followed in his father's footsteps and joined the army.
His relatives used their influence to help get him into commission as an officer in good regiment.

His mother's brother and his father's older brother eventually inherited his grandfather's estates as both sets of grandparents have since passed away.  His uncles maintain the same friendly relationship as their fathers did.   The uncles married twin sisters of rich merchant seeking to improve his standing in society.  These "aunts" have made it a point to my uncles that my character is not their child and that I shouldn't be draining the family finances supporting him (which they weren't doing in the first place).  This attitude has placed a strain my relationship with my remaining family.

Although he was born a member of the nobility or aristocracy, he never lets on to most people of his background.  He doesn't feel its important to mention his family background or relations as he isn't titled nor does he think he will inherit any great wealth – therefore why bring it up.  Aside from his family using their influence to get him into the better military academies and their initial assistance in getting a commission in the army – they have very little interaction in his life.

Military career – has been involved in some campaigns and has distinguished himself in combat.

While he enjoyed the military life, it was leadership of military that troubled him.  Many commanders seemed quite callous and treated the common soldier as cannon fodder.  Others things that he found troubling was the reason for some conflicts weren't for any common good but some political purpose or slight.  Many times the conflict involved some financial enterprise.

The final straw came when one of his commanders blundered and lost a battle where a highly ranked nobleman's son was killed in a senseless attack.  His commanders choose to try and cover up what really had happened and paint the nobleman's son as some sort of hero who died valiantly for a greater purpose.  Unable to tell what actual truth and not wanting to be compliant in this great "lie", my character choose to leave the army.

My character believes in the greater good and has decided to carry on with the morals instilled to him by his family by doing what he can to help people.

Future Goals
Similar to his father's direction…, his hope is to retire with enough money to purchase a modest estate.
He would like to live out his remaining years a gentleman farmer and selling his crops and any livestock he raises.
His experience with the army made him disillusioned after seeing the politics and backstabbing people would do any cost for glory and fame.
The morals and values he learned from his mother and family are ingrained in him.  It is probably this reason he choose the path to become a paladin
The lessons and stories his father told him as a boy of doing what is right and helping people in need drive his desire to quest to look for the greater good in people.
He views the idea of questing as a means to earn enough for that future while also providing opportunities to help those in need.



William Tremaine

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