Chapter 2

Following up on the lead from the necromancer, the newly reformed party made there way into an old mine, where this unholy temple seemed to be located.  They found three cults below the city, Erythnul, Vecna, and Hextor.  Within the temple to Erythnul they found barbaric Grimlock defending there new home.  Fighting their way through the horde, the titanic Urshak fell under the spells of the Prophet.  They eventually were able to defeat the mad Prophet, but with its dying breath, he cursed the adventurers with a prophecy of a rising darkness.

Next they tackled the organized forces of Hextor.  They battled a heroic battle against the iron clad forces.  Even defeated the Paladin Will fought a private battle of honor with one of the scorges Clerics.  While down, the cleric fought tenaciously, drawing much of Will's blood.  Capturing the high priest alive they found that they needed a Codex from the last temple to unravel the armegeddon text of the Ebon Triad. 

Crashing into the temple of Vecna they found an elaborate magical labrynth guarded by strange birdmen that moved in and out of secret doors in the walls quickly and silently.  Individually, the birdmen were no match for the party, being fought back and once more melding into the labrynth.  To explore the labrynth, the party split up.  Alone, Holly was captured in a secret room.  While the party was attempting to free her, a trio of the Bird men proceeded to beat her into unconsciousness, where she eventually died.  Bursting through the door, the party found her corpse in an empty room.  With the divine energy coursing through him, Will returned Holly's soul to her body, restoring her to life.  After a quick payer they party organized to battle the Kenku.  Finding a secret door on the far side of the labrynth they worked their way into the inner sactum.  Here they found arcane artifacts of Vecna, that stripped their minds with hideous secrets and stole there stealth.  The final confrontation with Vecna's Wizard was fought to a standstill, seemingly with his inexaustable summoning spells.  Eventually he fled the fight to set in motion a more insidious plan.

While our heroes began the looting of the temple of Vecna, the Faceless one, Vecna's Wizard found the high priest of Hextor bound in his temple.  Dragging him to the central pool, he ofter his blood and soul to the overgod, the union of the three dieties. Then he waited for the heroes to return.  With mad enthusiasm he once more engaged them, seemingly with the power of his diety.  But all seemed for naught when Urshak knocked him into the dark pool.  This was the final key for unlocking the darkness within.  Rising from the depths the overgod unleashed his wrath upon the party.  Driving them back from his water womb, the party feared their own doom.  With blood spilt across the four walls, slowly he began to stalk them.  With a mighty last charge, Ushak unleashed his fury.  Driving forward with his sword upraised, he plunged it into the diety's chest, crushing him beneath his rage.  With a last shutter he collapsed in upon himself, turning into black mist, and cursing his ultimate return.


Chapter 2

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