Character Trip Wrap Up

As thing currently look we will not be able to finish our campaign.  For this reason I decided to add to each character the story arcs that I wanted to include during play.  For the first four characters I had extensive plans for them.

As the title for Trib's profile page, I had called him "The immortal Trib".  The reason for this will soon become evident during my "reveal".  Many of the background stories have plot lines tied directly into the various adventures, and so in some ways I'm giving hints about the adventures too.  Others are completely independent and I need to add them.

What has come before…

The day the party met Trib they found a wandering soul with very little knowledge of his past and a chemical dependency on "Good Shrum Berries".  Many put this as a little more then a Druid enjoying himself, as are known as hippies.

However there is a dark past behind Trib.  Trib has been around for a very long time.  In the distant past, eons before eons, the gods came together and saw a barren land before them.  They realized that they wanted more then just animals and plants, but creatures that would adore them (many early gods were very vain).  They wanted to see magnificient sculptures, glorious temples, and cities raised in there names.  In a temporary truce they set forth to create man.  The put this new life down upon the world.

The first man looked much like man today, however there was one thing very different.  At this time, disease, famine, and pestilence had yet to be set loose in the world.  Early man enjoyed a world of happiness and peace, however it was not to last.  Over time the gods became jealous of the accomplishments of the other gods followers, war, strife, and death were sprung loose.  Man found his life becoming shorter and shorter. 

By this time, the first men and women had almost completely died themselves.  However a few found themselves in a world with there offspring.  They found that while they had no special resistance to disease or famine, they no longer aged, they seemed to keep a certain vitality of youth.  And so the ages passed and there numbers continued to diminish, that is except for one.

Trib has been around for a very long time and has seen much.  As the weight of the world holds him down, he seeked release, memory tarnishing release.  Having seen wives, lovers, and children grow old and die, the burdens he carries continue to increase. 

In the barbaric ancient times, religions like we currently know didn't exist.  However, the power of the wild regions was known and feared, these are the powers of the druid.  Some found ways to twist and torture the natural, make them into new shapes and forms, this is where the first undead came from.  In particular, a group of druids became very successful at it, and waged a war across the land.  As people died in famine and plague, the druids were there to grant them eternal life at a terrible costs.  The hordes of ghouls and ghasts grew across the land.

One particular young druid found the cleansing abilities of the earth a defense against the spreading evil.  He found others of like mind to join his cause.  Through him, Trib found his voice.  He worked with the newly found druid council, never one of there numbers, but at the same time, a secret confidant with each.  Showing them how to master elemental abilities, without them knowing the true power that he held.

There numbers grew and the tide of war turned.  The order of storms was founded.  Together they drove the darkness back to the edges of the known world

Where we are at….

Trib has forgotten much over the years, but it is not a coincidence that he is in the Cairn hills.   He knew, before the shrums that his old student, the iron general was buried in this hills, and the bronze lodge was his final legacy.

He knew the darkness was reawakening and that the power of the druids would once more be needed, that is until the overdose.

Now Trib is ruled by his subconscious desire to reawaken his forgotten abilities.

What's to come….

Not all abilties of the Order of Storms is lost.  In particular there is the Library of last resort, were they hid there lore away from the world until it once more is needed.  Here Trib has the opportunity to reawaken himself and begin the order of storms again. 

The order of storms is a prestige class that is open to any class.  It emphasises the abilities of elemental command with leadership.  Maybe some party members may take a level or two in this class and join the eternal struggle against the undead forces of the twisted druids.


Character Trip Wrap Up

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