Sorcerer Level 1

The knowledge of the spiritual vassal was imparted to Phage by the Patrons along with her first necromancy spells, animate animal, skeleton, and zombie.  The spiritual vassal, obeys Phage, however it also serves a link between herself and the veil, the Patrons.  This dual allegiance shows a continuos tug and war between the living and those that have gone before.

  • Master Class Level    Natural Armor    Intelligence    Special Ability
    • 1-2                     +1                    10             Alertness, Empathic Link, Improved Evasion, Share
    • 3-4                     +2                    11            
    • 5-6                     +3                    12             Deliver touch Spells
    • 7-8                     +4                    13             Ancestral Knowledge (1/day), Speak with Master
    • 9-10                   +5                     14       
    • 11-12                 +6                     15             Ancestral Knowledge (2/day)
    • 13-14                 +7                     16             Spell Resistance
    • 15-16                 +8                     17             Ancestral Knowledge (3/day), Scry on Familiar
    • 17-18                 +9                     18
    • 19-20                +10                    19             Ancestral Knowledge (4/day)

* - Ancestral Knowledge is a new ability detailed below


The Spiritual Vassal is a substituion ability for wizards or sorcerors to replace there call familiar class level who wish to go down the path of a necromancer.  This substitution level can be taken after first level, however the humaniod sacrifce referred to below is replaced with the familiar.  The orgins of this substitution abilty comes from Dragon #312.

The necromancer can compel obedience from a host of spirits that she has seized through a foul ceremony and combined into a single spiritual vassal.  This ghastly apparition has little effect on the physical world, but besides acting as a familiar, it grants the necromancer some of the knowledge the souls used to create it held in life.

A sould reaper dominates and controls the spirtis that make up the vassal through a vile ritual that requires 100 gp worth of materials (primarily blood and bone taken from outsides) and a humanoid creature slain via a ritual sacrifice.  After killing her victim, the necromancer can open a magical link to the afterlife, compel a number of minor spirits to enter the material world, and force them into her service.  These spirits combine to form a single entity known as a spiritual vassal that obeys the soul reaper's every command-primarily because it faces terrible repercussions if it refuses to do so.  As a free action a necromancer can induce wracking agony in her vassal, causing it to howl in pain.  The pain immobilizes teh vassal (no save) until the reaper wills the effect to end (also a free action).  This pitable creature might moan for an end to its horrid existence even as it moves to oppose the necromancer's foes. 

While the spirutal vassal serves the necromancer, it is as loyal and trustworthy as a standard wizard's familiar.  If it is destroyed, teh necromancer suffers the same drawbacks as a wizard does when if her familiar is slain.  The spirutal vassal gains all the abilities indicated on the spiritual vassal special abilities table, based on its master's level.  Many of these are the standard abilities of a familiar, but a few are unique to the spiritual vassal.  The spiritual vassal also gains all teh abilities described under "Familiar Basics" in teh familiar's sidebar in the Player's Handbook.

Spirutal vassals are rarely encountered without a master.  The statistics provided here, for an unbonded vassal, should only actually be used if teh vassal's master is slain and it manages to survive.  Unbonded vassals constantly whimper and softly moan of their dispair, begging any creatures they encounter to end their miserable existence and send the souls trapped in their bodies back to the afterlife.

Spiritual Vassal (unbounded):  CR – ; Tiny undead; HD 1/2 d12; hp 2; Init +1; Spd 10 ft, Fly 30 ft. (perfect); AC 14, touch 13, flat-footed 13; BAB +0; Grp – 8; Atk +1 melee (1-1 slam); Full Atk +1 melee (1-1 slam); SA – ; SQ undead traits; AL N; SV Fort +0, Ref +1, Will +3; Str 8, Dex 12, Con – , Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 10

A spiritual vassal looks like a small sphere of pale, glowing light.  Those unfamiliar with soul reapers and their servants might mistake one for a will-o-wisp.  When in combat or forced to perform some other unpleasant task.  Spiritual vassals moan in inarticulate whispers of their pain and misery.  Up close, shadowy faces-the spirits of unfortunate souls bound into the vassal-occasionally appear and fade on the surface of the orb.

Ancestral Knowledge (Sp):  The spiritual vassal can draw on its memories from life to provide the reaper with advice, skills, and abilities on a temporary basis.  Starting at 5th level, the necromancer can access her spiritual vassal's memories, gaining one of teh abilities described below once per day.  She gains one additional selection per day at 9th level, another at 13th level, and a fourth at 17th level.  The necromancer may mix and match the abilities as desired as desired within her usage allotment.  The necromancer must be able to communicate with her for this ability to function.

  • Memories of Past Lives: Drawing on her spiritual vassal's memories, the soul reaper gains a +5 competence bonus on checks made with the skill of her choice.  This bonus lasts for 1 minute.
  • Speech of the Ancients: The necromancer gains the ability to speak and read a language of her choice for 1 minute.
  • Talents of the Elders:  The Soul reaper gains temporary access to a feat of her choice (Clarification: within the PHB as these are considered to be common) for which she meets the prerequisites.  She can use the feat for 1 minute.

Sorcerer Level 1

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