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Returning to the Garrison after a difficult day adventuring and with Father Dun.  Public article.

Even a Simple Mind Wanders  Short story detailing the thoughts of Urshak during his imprisonment.  Public article.


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Just so Tony can look at his axe….........................


I have two feats that aren't in the basic books I'm looking into.  Just wanted to run them by everyone.


Leap Attack, Complete Adventurer, pg 110.  Also has an errata entry.  Doubles power attack damage, basically a way to cheat yourself into getting the Supreme Power Attack ability of the Frenzied Berserker prestige class.  Pure awesomeness.

The situation I'm looking at involves fighting a target with 5ft range at the 10ft range (granted by a large weapon from Monkey Grip).  After Urshak's attacks, he takes a 5ft step back, putting his target 15ft from him.   Now, the opponent can try to close in (which would provoke an AoO when he leaves the 10ft square), or he could try to run.  If he tries to escape or stays in the same spot, Urshak could Leap Attack him for sickening dmg (4x attack bonus sacrificed by Power Attack).

Leap Attack would be pretty much a requirement for a Frenzied Berserker (as they could get an 8x multiplier).  Just absolute craziness.


Close-quarters Fighting, Complete Warrior, pg 97.  Urshak will pretty much never enter a grapple he doesn't want to again even if the opponent has improved grapple abilities.


The first level I would be taking either of these would be at 9, so it's a ways off yet.  I just wanted to put these out there so there aren't any surprises.


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Is Unapproachable East open?  There's a feat (Battle Jump) and a weapon enchantment (Valorous) I'm looking at.



Gud noos!  Me no how to reed!  Multiclassing into anything gives me literacy in any language I can speak.


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