Campaign Characters

Truk the Green
The Strugling Necromancer Phage
The former Slave Gladiator Urshak
Holly of the Emporium Circus
The Immortal Trib
Righteous Holy Knight Will


Core 3.5 game following the direction of core adventures of Dungeon #124-#136 with optional side quests for chracter development.  This campaign, the Age of Worms takes the group of adventures from 1st level to 20th in a drive to discover the details of the prophecy of the apocolyptic legend and to prevent it, if they can.  For information on how to navigate this webpage, click on instructions.

Chapter 1:  The Whispering Cairn (Completed)
Interlude 1: The Tomb of the Iron General (Completed)

Chapter 2:  The Three Faces of Evil (Completed)
Interlude 2: The Two Keeps (Completed)

Chapter 3:  Encounter at Blackwall Keep (In Progress)
Interlude 3:

Chapter 4:  Hall of Harsh Refletions
Interlude 4:

Chapter 5:  The Chaption's Belt
Interlude 5:

Chapter 6:  A Gathering of Winds
Interlude 6:

Chapter 7:  The Spire of Long Shadows
Interlude 7

Chapter 8:  The Prince of Redhand
Interlude 8:

Chapter 9:  The Library of Last Resort
Interlude 9:

Chapter 10:  Gates of Oblivion
Interlude 10:

Chapter 11:  Kings of the Rift
Interlude 11

Chapter 12:  Into the Wormcrawl Fixxure
Interlude 12:

Chapter 13:  Endgame
Interlude 13:



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Age of Worms

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