Day 2b of Three Faces of Evil

Encounter List, 

Total XP for 4th level characters (Will, Holly, and Truk)
1x Female Grimlock Barbarian, CR 4 – 1200
2x Chocker, CR 2 each – 1200
9x Grimlocks, CR 1 each – 2700
1x Grimlock Chieftan, CR 4 – 1200
    Total = 6300/6 = 1050

Total XP for 5h level characters (Phage, Trib, and Urshak)
1x Female Grimlock Barbarian, CR 4 – 1000
2x Chocker, CR 2 each – 1000
9x Grimlocks, CR 1 each – 2700
1x Grimlock Chieftan, CR 4 – 1000
    Total = 5700/6 = 950

Loot List

2x Masterwork Daggers (Corroded with rust and covered with badly tanned hide) (Holly)
1x Masterwork Greataxe (Phage's Skeleton)
9x Morningstars
27x Javelins
1x Studded Leather + 1
1x Mithral Shirt + 1 (Urhsak Wears this)
3x Potion (Light blue, gold flakes with sweet smell of honey)
4x Rubies (~50-150 gp each)% (Phage)
1x Jeweled statuette of a drow warrior (Worth something between ~200-700 gp)% (Phage)
1x Preserved Drow Female's Head
1x Ripped and badly stained packwith more space on the inside then out% (Phage)
1x Jade figuine of Erythnul (Between 50-350 gp)$ (Phage)
3x Garnets (50 gp each)$ (Phage)
1x Silver Necklace with 3 gems (50-150 gp)$ (Phage)
1x Wand (Cure Light Wounds – 32 charges)
451 (including 50 gp$ & 150 gp%) (Phage)

Common Chamber (Room to the North)
The scent of rotting meat and offal fills the air here.  Moldering furs, crude bedrolls, and other signs of campsite cover the floor of this large, natural cave.  Spears and crude axes are piled near the entrance to the left, along with a disorganized stack of shields.
     Searching through the room (DC 20) you find four individual stashes.  These stashes are marked with $ above.

Chieftain's Lodge (Room to the East)
The chamber presents a macabre sight.  A bewildering variety of humanoid and monstrous skulls are mounted on the walls just outside this chamber with crude, iron spikes.  The chamber beyond is a small, cramped space that smells strongly of damp earth.  A great pile of furs and blankets lies in the center of the room.
     Searching through the bed rolls you find the items marked with % above

You entered the central chamber from the west and the passage to the south is yet unexplored.

A note about magic item identification. In the DMG on page 212 it discusses how to determine a new magic items effects.  For magic armor and weapons I don't mind telling you the mundane powers, +1 attack or defense bonus.  However other effets must be determined with an expensive spell (identify is 100 gp), a knowledge check (maybe with the use of detect magic), or trial and error.





How do you want us to sort through all this?  Just edit this page?  There's no option to comment.

As long as there aren't any stupid "use and you die" weapon or armor magic effects, I guess I don't really care how they get identified.  In the game there are things that are cursed or poisoned that look and behave like ou typical magic item of there type.  This is the risk you run when you identify by trial and error. – GM  As long as we can tell that one piece of equipment seems "stronger" than another, I'm fine with whatever.  As long as you're using it, it doesn't really matter if you know exactly what it's doing.

I'll take the mithral shirt.  I'll be able to move at 40ft (which no one else is capable of), and I'll be able to make all my jump/climb/swim (physical skill) checks because my armor check  penalty will go from -5 to ZERO.  That's like gaining 10 STR.  I'll be able to sleep in my armor too.  My +1 chain would then be up for grabs.  I don't know what Will is wearing, but he'd probably be the only realistic recipient.  Skelton/zombie minions probably don't have a high enough DEX to get any benefit wearing it over simple heavy armor.  We could start cashing stuff in for magic weapons for everyone too I suppose.  At level 6, Urshak gets a second attack per round.  A +2 to hit (and dmg) sure would be nice :)


10/16/08 Urshak  Thank you for the heads up.  That's good enough for me.

Day 2b of Three Faces of Evil

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