Day 4 of Three Faces of Evil

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Encounter List, 

Total XP for 4th level characters (Will, Holly, and Truk)
6x Grimlocks, CR 1 each – 1800
1x Grimlock Priest, CR 4 – 1200
    Total = 6300/6 = 500

Total XP for 5h level characters (Phage, Trib, and Urshak)
6x Grimlocks, CR 1 each – 1800
1x Grimlock Chieftan, CR 4 – 1000
    Total = 5700/6 = 467

Loot List

6x Morning Stars
1x Mwk Morning Star
18x Javelins
1x Banded Mail +1
1x Honey smelling Potion
1x Knecklace (silver spider such that its legs are arranged in a circle, with ruby red gemsfor eyes)
Silver Key
42 gp

Description of the Final Combatants.

Temple to Erythnul (Room to the South)
    This long passage through the rocks winds down and down, deeper into the ground.  It curves ahead like a spiral.  The air grows musty and sickening with the scent of rotting flesh.  Eventually, the passage opens into a wide cavern, where it ends at the top of a short cliff that stands ten feet above the cave floor below.  From ahead, the dim glow of a lantern or small fire casts a dull, red glow.

Day 4 of Three Faces of Evil

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