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I completely understand where you are coming from Urshak. What sets DnD apart from most if not all other roleplaying games is its epic moving stories and the characters that partake in them.

 I appoligize for some of the things I said in my emails @ work on Friday. Some of the things I said were a bit cold and I didn't compeltely understand where you were coming from with wanting to leave urshak behind. I am sorry.

 I agree that chracter death, if needed, should be grand and epic. It does suck to feel like we as an adventure party have been getting our asses handed to us for about 6 months now. Its hard to feel like a hero when alot of  situations you limp away from involves you dragging the body of a fallen comrade. Heck, the numbers even show the pain and suffering we have endured.

Deaths: 3 (Holly, William, Urshak)

Trib: 7 times in negative HP's

Phage: 3 times in Negative HP's

Its pretty obvious that we haven't been doing well, and we aren't even level six yet. Its sad to think that the first chracters you design for a campaign aren't actually the ones you will play to finish it. It kinda says don't plan an epic story until your level 10, maybe. Even then Death seems to come more suddenly at high er levels in the form of disitegrete, death gazes, and dragons breaths.

In some ways i consider myself very lucky that I was able to get my cleric (previous campaign) as far as I did. He did however survive through at least a dozen of other people's characters along his path to lvl 22 (with ECL, he was actually lvl 25). He was my most epic character ever made and in that world he still lives, and thats a good feeling. However, having a character with lots of effort put into, suddenly die for reasons that don't seem very grand or epic really hurts. I now understand why you believed something was going to happen to Urshak concerning the demon inside you. All the PC's have a great purpose in the world and its that purpose that drives the players to work hard on their characters.

 The way I have always descrided D&D to other people is  that its like reading a book that you are the main character in. But since you are the main character you actually change how the story is written. In turn, you are actually writting pages of the grand story as you play weekly. The next page is blank, but its fun the play a character that wants to make those next pages as grand as possible. In game Death does hinder this, atleast in a non-epic form.

 I still beleive that death needs to remain in the game, one way or another. With your suggestions I am going to make mine in my other post titled "My SUggestions".


Great Point

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