DM – 11/1

Hopefully everyone gets a chance to read the post on Death in D&D.  In my opinion the total XP loss maybe to steep.  I would like to tune it back slightly, such that you still need a 9th level cleric to cast the spell but the gp cost would be 500 gp/level and you would lose 200 xp/level.

Please post what your thoughts are and let me know.



Urshak 11/2/08

A Fate Worse Than Death – A New Player's Discourse on Character Death and Its Effects On Intra and Outer Group and Character Dynamics In Dungeons and Dragons 3.5

Is story important, or is it just a way to get us from combat encounter to combat encounter?

Another comment:  Sure, the rules governing death are listed and are very specific.  So are the rules for becoming a necropolitan.  It doesn't say how often it should happen; it just says what to do when it does happen.

Phage 11/2/2008:

Urshak has a Great Point. Here are my Suggestions

DM – 11/2

Both Holly and Will went down to the minimum of XP for the level they were on (4th).  As has been stated, I didn't necessarily want to punish them for dying.


Urshak 11/2/08

Actually, I think Will started off at level 5.  I might be wrong on that one, but I'm pretty sure he started at 5.  DM – no he was level 4, the average party level, remember for everyone except Urshak the average party level has been 4 for a while.

 Phage 11/2/2008:

In the End I really dont want Urshak to leave. Can't we come up with something good to keep him around. There has been so much time and thought put into him its not right that he goes down like this. I still feel bad for Holly and Will right now since they are playing catchup ever since their deaths.

We shouls also discuss how these caracter remakes wil take place. If Urshak wants to be replaced then I can understand how he may start at level 4 but, swapping around chracter options shouldn't really put you back very far. We don't play enough to have exp. taken. 

DM – I wish we would have discussed this earlier, when Will & Holly died would have been nice.  I don't like the way the rules have been shifting around.  I'm fine on going with the consensus, however things need to be solidifed.  Phage can you post everyones XP that they have right now.  Maybe that will help.

 Phage 11/2/2008:

According to the Character Sheets I have at my Apartment…

  • Phage: 11738 xp
  • Trib: 8950 xp (I dont know how this can be right since I know he is level 5 right now)
  • Before last session, I was at 12,703  – Urshak 11/3/08

Those are the only sheets I actually have. Holly and WIll took theres I think for research puposes, and Truk & Urshak have theres as well. This is without last weeks experience against the Erythul priest.


 Truk 11/4/2008:

First off, my XP is 8188. Now, my thoughts on death. I don't like the idea of huge XP hits due to our relatively infrequent gameplay. I do think losing 1-2 sessions of XP would be fair, though. I would add the following restrictions to formerly dead characters. Daze: Coming back from death is very disorienting. Until that character has had a 8 hr rest, they should not be able to make any attacks or use skills, and they should take a penalty on AC until then. (e.g.-Holly wasn't quite sure if she was in the real world or trekking across the astral plane; she barely took any notice in the battle raging around her.) Adrenaline Rush: Although dazed, in a time of extreme danger a character may use any one attack, skill, etc without a penalty. This can only be done once before resting. (e.g.-Truk's shout for help cut through the fog of Holly's mind; she stabbed savagely at the grimlock running past her, but the exertion drained her energy, and she knew she could not make another attack.) Flinch: The memory of death haunts the formerly deceased. The character takes a small penalty to attack rolls when facing the same type of creature that killed him. Thoughts? Comments?


Phage 11/4/2008:

I think Truk has some good ideas here. It might even be cool to roll randonly off an insanity table after the character goes through the death experince. That way it is for sure character effecting.


Urshak 11/3/08

I'll summarize my opinion:

No character death unless it's of great story importance.  This shouldn't happen more than one or two times throughout the entire story.

When a character hits 0 health or lower, a Will or Fort save is thrown (whichever is higher, DC is yet to be determined).  If save succeeds, the character will accept healing and continue as normal.

If the save fails, the character will not accept healing until the combat encounter is completed.  The character will not receive experience for the encounter.  The character will suffer a stacking -2 penalty to all attributes after he is revived.  The penalty disappears after the character takes an extended rest.

My reasoning is explained in great detail in A Fate Worse Than Death.

I don't want my character marginalized by dying for no reason, and I don't want to stunt character development.  I'd rather create a whole new character that's still a hero even if he starts at a lower level.

The Sadism and Masochism-esque death penalty should be removed from the damn book.

DM – 11/4

I appreciate everyones two cents on the impact of death.  So far I have the following XP totals

  • Holly – ?
  • Urshak – 12703
  • Phage – 11738
  • Will – ? 
  • Truk – 8188
  • Trib – 8950 (actually believe Trib is closer to 10k?)

I don't believe that removal of death is an option.  In fact as you grow in level and face off against additional foes there are many creatures whos weapons are either instant death, swallow whole, or negative energy drain.  However reducing the penalties of death so it only impacts 1 – 2 sessions is more then doable.  I would still like some buy in from Will, Trib, and Holly before I solidify anything.  

Will 11/5

I don't think I am calulating my XP right – I have 2233 or 2083 XP which is way lower than everyone else.  I got to think I have more than Truk – because I played at least two sessions before he started.  I think I will need help reviewing this.

As for death issue – I think there should be some penality but dropping to 0 for your current level hurts a lot.  I think losing the XP for the night of the death plus the XP from the previous session should be good enough.  That way you don't get too far behind others in the group.

Holly 11/5

6683+ 500 from the last encounter =7183 for my XP

 Death. a looming issue above all us mere mortals.  Until said time when we reach immortality I beleive a punishment should exist for dropping bellow -10.  I think the precedent was already set when Will and I died.  If you change it now we get some come-upance.   I agree it sucks but, hell thats life or second life… whatever. MOB whipes happen, they shouldn't, but if your weekness get exploted learn from them.  aline yourself so you are more robust or work with the group and develop better strategery to survie encounters.   I'm here not just for the fighting, I'm here for the story, but I also like the luck, chance, skill, mojo, what have you that the dice create.  When Will and I died we had ample chance to save ourselves and if I recall Ursak had several times to save himself aswell.  Aslong as situations remain dictated by chance I'm ok with the current mechanics.  If it take me longer to develop skills but provides me with a better story I'm alright with that.  If I endup being called Holly "the res clerics money pit"  or Holly theh pin cushin I'm alright with that If that gets to be part of who my character is.  Granted I might not come on here and post my backstory but its still there in my OZ for me to spew out into text.

Phage 11/2/2008:

 Since Will and Holly died at the same time and by looking at the XP Logs from the last 3 session in the cave Holly only got 150 exp will didnt. In turn Will should be at 7033 xp.


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