Holly of the Emporium Circus

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Physical Description (one paragraph, 5-6 sentences): 

Holly is a female half-elf.  She is about 40 years old (teenager in elf years).  She has the flexable gracefull body of a dancer.  She hides a scar on her right abdomen from her brief departure from the mortal coil.  Her short black hair frames her elegant chin and flirtatious blue eyes.  She has a quick smile that can please all.

Alignment:   Chaotic Good

Personality (one paragraph, 5-6 sentences):    Fun loving, adventurous, good hearted, crafty, keniving, supportive.

Defining Moment:
Moment 1 (2-3 sentences):  In the village of Diamond Lake, hoping to find information implementing Kullens gang to some body snatchers, Holly broke in.  Originally, intent on snooping Holly resisted the urges to take any valuables.  After uncovering several valuable items, insisting on justice for wrongs done to her earlier, Holly began pocketing these valuables.  In the basement she found a chest guarded by two dogs on chains.  In the attempt to get to the chest, she was hurt so badly that she fell unconscious, even with many chances of retreat. .  Traits shown:  Greed, Strong sense of justice or vengence, Tenacity
Moment 2 (2-3 sentences):  xxx.  Traits shown:  xxxx

Holly of the Emporium Circus

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