Interesting Find

Pete and I were talking about exactly how a warlord is able to heal.  I went looking for some info, and I found a post that makes an interesting comment pertinent to our Age of Worms situation:

I call it D&D and I have enjoyed every edition, including 4th, to date. I have never considered a character at 50% hit points to be half dead. I think your question indicates that you don't either. If a person has taken the time to read Gygax's description of hit points in 1st edition I don't understand how they could see it any other way.

When it comes to hit points and healing wounds, the worst bit I have ever encountered was the Cure Light Wounds wand of the 3rd edition era. In one of my groups we routinely referred to 10 charges of a CLW wand as a "10 pack" that automatically healed 55 hit points just to save the group time on rolling.

A Warlord's inspiring word being used on an incapacitated ally doesn't even come close to 3rd's reliance on CLW wands to keep a party going on my list of unenjoyable gaming mechanics.


Interesting Find

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