Possible Build

So I was brainstorming the fastest way for Holly to get access to Her SkullClan Hunter and Master Throw Prestige Classes and I think I came up with an okay build that wont slow her down to much.

Main Points

  • With your abundant rogue skill points early levels spend each level on Knowledge Religion so you dont run into the issue of not having enough points later.
  • When you reach your cleric level Follow Olidamara, I think she would fit your character being a god of Chaos, Trickery and Luck. She also delights herself in Wine, Women and Song which seems to fit Holly's story as well. Plus here favored weapon is a rapier which Holly can use with her Weapon Finesese Feat with.
  • The hardest part is getting the characters Base Attack Bonus up to 5 to Fullfill the master THrower requirement. However, this can be reached by level 7 using fighter levels.
  • The FIghter levels also open up bonus feats used to FUlfill the master thrower requirements
  • This Build also Leave the first Level feat open. It is setup this way so that feats that can be taken as fighter bonus feats specifically are so a non fighter feat can be used in the level 1 spot
  • Also Weapon Finesse Requires a +1 base attack bonus thats why its a level 3 feat
  • Con and Cha are relativelt Interchagabe with this setup, you could switch them however you want to fit your character.
  • Strength is low since the builds purpose is to avoid strength based melee combat in exchange for weapon finesse attacks or ranged attacks
  • Dex is of course the primary attribute for this build
  • Int is raised just high enought to make the Extra skill points capable of raising Knowledge Religion to 8 by the time the character reaches level 8. This attribute can be increased from cha to get even more skill points is wanted.
  • Wisdom is 11 only because you are taking a single level in cleric. In turn you need 10+1(spell level) to cast first level spells.
  • The Bonus Attribute point at lvl 4 is open for any Attribute since the build doesnt require it to be anywhere
  • The Rogues levels are kept until the +2d6 Sneak attack requrement is fulfilled. Rogue canpersued more later to increase the sneak attack damage if you wish.

Tell me what you think. I am just trying to help here, not telling you what to do by any means.




Urshak 10/29/08

I haven't looked into it all that much, but SkullClan and MasterThrower seem too different to be able to combine very well.  Also, you would be taking a multiclass -20% experience penalty for the rest of the character's life for taking that cleric level.

Once again, without thinking about it very much, a melee rogue will probably do more damage, but you'll have to sacrifice some of your INT for CON (what I would do is be the ugly drug addict, dump your CHA, WIS and STR to pump up your DEX, INT, and CON).  This archetype lends itself to the SkullClan.  A ranged rogue will do far less damage, but you'll be able to have a fairly high INT.   This archetype lends itself to the MasterThrower.

Something to really consider though:  Do you want your prestige class to EVER be absolutely worthless?  Say if we aren't fighting undead.  All your SkullClan levels then are in the toilet.  To my recollection, I think the only undead encounter we've done was the observatory.  Even if the rest of the campaign is 80% undead, 20% of the time, you're going to be crap.


Half elves like Holly do not have a preferered class. In turn her highest class does not count When determing an experience point penalty, just like a human. But you do have a good point, since Holly is only taking 1 level in cleric she would cancel out her Fighter levels but the different between Rogue (3) and Cleric (1) is still enough to incur a multiclass experience penalty.

In turn I came up with another off the wall option in my sleep last night. It involves taking 4 Palladin levels instead and in turn does not incur experience penalties.

Main Points

  • Pallidins have the good Base attack bonus progression so by the time you are ready to start taking prestige classes your BAB is higher.
  • Also, you dont need to focus on wisdom as much since you probably wont be able to cast deccent pally spells anyway.
  • HOwever, cha is huge for palladins, so Holly could use cha as a roleplay aspect as well as incombat with pally abilities
  • Knowledge Religion is also a Palladin Class skill and in turn you dont suffer from cross class skill penaties. However I would still put points into it while you are level as a rgue since you have an abundance of skill points to spend.
  • Sadly alot of the RogueBread and buter skills are not on a palladins list so you wil need to max things out Like Hide, Move Silent and SLeight of Hand in your first three rogue levels to get the most out of them. Once you start taking prestige class levels you will be able to catch up in those skills anyway.
  • The hardest thing about this build is feats. By the time Holly is ready to start taking prestige classes she is only able to have three feats, all of which are used for the master thrower pre-requisistits. In turn by the time she hits level 8 she can't take weapon finesse. Atleast Str is not at a negative so she wont be hurting there to bady.
  • The above statement isn't so bad however because the new build brings Str up to 13 in turn she wont be incuring negatives.
  • Dex stays relatively high at 16 still so she is by no means held back. Also since the palladin is taken for 4 levels it makes upfor the lower Dex with +1 higher BAB
  • The other issue with this build is the Lawfull Good Requirement needed by the palladin. I dont see Holly Being Lawfull good but perhaps you could work something out with the DM.
  • Of the two builds I beleive this one is actually superior becuase of focus in combat attributes like Str and Dex, and Cha is secondary but still a very usefull atribute to the build

Possible Build

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