Righteous Holy Knight Will

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Physical Description (one paragraph, 5-6 sentences):  

Will is 6 feet tall with brown eyes and hair.  He has a medium muscular build.

Alignment:   Lawful Good

Personality (one paragraph, 5-6 sentences):     

Altough, Will grew up living the privilege class (i.e. nobility), he  tries to live more like a commoner.  He comes from a strong military background.  He isn't the type to look for a fight but is willing defend his friends or anyone in need.  He is somewhat secretive about his past and his training – looking more to blend in the background rather than draw attention to himself.

Defining Moment:
Moment 1 (2-3 sentences):  Killing the Grimlock cleric and helping to defend the party during an ambush.  Will stayed focussed on the combat and kept the fight focussed on him – allowing his friends to assist with the fight without having other grimlocks attack them.
Moment 2 (2-3 sentences):  xxx.  Traits shown:  xxxx

Righteous Holy Knight Will

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