I do not consider my self someone who enjoys Death in roleplay. In past my roomate and I used to play Diablo 2 in Hardcore mode. In hardcore mode if you character dies they are no longer playable and you can no longer load them from the character select screen. Yes, I lost 3 level 85+ characters with well over 30 hours of game time into each, but in all honestly I wouldn't want it any other way. I lost two of them fighting Diablo when he used is Hellfire (Lighting +Fire) attack.The rush you feel when you open a door that could be your last, or you get backed into a corner by over whelming forces, or face the final bosses who have attacks that can wipe you out in a instant is an awesome feeling. I beleive the same statement goes for Pencil and paper games as well, the threat of outright death is a rush and it forces you to pay more attention to the game, think through tactics better, and makes the thrill of victory that much more rewarding. However, I agree with Urshak in that death should be epic. I didn't mind my characters dieing to Diablos Hellfire Attack beause if there was a point for the character to die,that was it. It was in Hell Difficulty (Highest Difficulty) against the hardest boss in the game, Hell he is not called the "Lord of Terror" for nothing. But, I did loose a character to a horde of those stupid fucking Pigmy's in act three. That really sucked because they were just yard trash.

However, death in our roleplay session has come under the knife. Personally, I beleive that if we ran a standard Roleplay session I would want to enforce the current rules. Just try to make death a pick more epic then it has been so far. However we don't run a standard session in my eyes. Personally, alteast in my past experience, a standard session is a weekly endevor, unlike our bi-weekly schedule. With this schedule the standard punishment of death is a hard punishment since it can take months to over come the experience lost. But, I think we haven't been handling the current rules correctly.

If I recall the way previous deaths have been handled (Holly And Will) they were dropped down the the absolute minimum amount of expereince of there previous level.

Example 1 (How We did it):
  • Will is at 12500 experience points (He is Lvl 5).
  • Will Dies
  • Wills New experience was 6000 (He is now lvl 4 with the minimum amount of experience)

This experience hit of 6500 is just crushing considering we get just under 1000 exp/week. Thus with bi weekly play this will take a little more then 6 sessions to recover. Thats 12 weeks of getting back there where you were!! OUCH!!! Now, reading through the actual death rules hear is how the wording sounds like it should be handled.

Example 2 (My Interpretation):

"The character's new XP total is midway between the minimum needed from his or her new (reduced) level and the minimum needed for the next."

  • Will is at 12500 experience points (He is Lvl 5).
  • Minimum needed from his new reduced level (Level 4, 6000 exp.)
  • Minimum needed for next level (Lvl 6, 15000)
  • Miday Between
    • (15000 – 6000)/2 = 4500
    • 6000+4500= 10500 experience.
  • Will is still level five but looses 2000 exp instead of 6500, this amount can be made up for in a month. Not nearly as bad as in example 1.

However an experience hit of anykind is a big deal in our session. In our session Death should almost be a hinderance instead of a punishment. However, I agree with Urshak in saying death shouldn't  be as common as it is and if it does occur and bringing the character back is needed then here is my proposed idea.

Proposed Idea 1:

Instead of loosing experice upon resurestion simply do not allow the character to earn more experience for two sessions. They dont actually get weaker, instead that are not able to get stronger. I picture this as the period of time the soul needs to heal prior being able to move on after death.

Proposed Idea 2:

The cost of death (gold piece wise) should remain the same. Gold is no where near as valuable as experience. However I believe party members with proper magic abilities should be able to assist in the resurecton process by adding there own spells and abilitied to the mix.

  • It costs 5000 gold to resurect a dead person
  • For every Lvl 0 cure spell that can be cast by the party reduces the cost by 25gp
  • For every Lvl 1 cure spell that can be cast by the party reduces the cost by 100gp
  • For every Lvl 2 cure spell that can be cast by the party reduces the cost by 200gp
  • For every Lvl 3 cure spell that can be cast by the party reduces the cost by 300gp
  • Basically for every 1d6 of positive energy the casters can donate to the resurection process reduces the cost by 100 gp.

Since positive energy is used in cure/heal spells then i also think Turn Undead (since it channels posistive energy) should also be able to reduce the cost of bringing back the dead. Simply make a Turn check, confirm that the cleric level is equal to or higher then the person your trying tyo revive, and for every 1d6 your able to turn on your HD roll you save 100gp from the original Resurection cost. However, rebuke undead would not work like this since it channels negative energy instead of positive.

I want to keep death in the game but it should be the DM's responsibility to make it more meaningful then the last three deaths have been. I do want my character pushed to her limit but her falling in combat, but, as Urshak stated so well, should have more meaning behind it then just getting dragged back the medical tent.


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