The Captains Blade

A small shop specializing in masterwork melee weapons and keeps his surprisingly wide selection displayed in the walls.  The shop is ran by an ex-watch captain from the free city named Tyrol Ebberly.  In addition to the wide array of masterwork weapons (everything from the PHB).

  • Vondoch's Claw (550 gp)
    A curved dagger with a red ruby inset into the bottom of the handle.  Ebberly claims that the dagger was infused with the blood of a nalfeshnee demon at the time of its forging.  The handle is lined with black velvet and the blade has a yellow tinge to it. Functions as a masterwork dagger.

  • Ancient Spearhead (1,000 gp)
    This long, iron spearpoint is attached to a wooden haft that has broken two inches below the bottom of the tip.  The whole thing is about 8 inches long.  It doesn't look like much but it cuts the finger of anyone who touches it.  Functions as a +1 longspear if someone with craft magic arms and armor reattaches it a spear.

  • Adventure's Wand (525 gp)
    Deep red wand with a darkened, ashy tip. Functions as a Wand of Burning Hands with a CL 3 (35 charges).


In addition to items listed, Ebberly says that he has several new items coming in any day

The Captains Blade

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