The former Slave Gladiator Urshak


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Physical Description (one paragraph, 5-6 sentences):  Born from the union of an imposing Orc and a human slave.  Urshak stands over six and a half feet tall, with broad shoulders and thick corded muscles.  Black eyes stare out of an otherwise slack face.  Unkept, stringy black hair cascades down to his shoulders.  While only 16 years old, he has seen more then what his youth should.  He still proudly bears the burns of his reptilian captures on his chest and arms, where they took the cruel joy in punishing him.

Alignment:  Chaotic Neutral

Personality (one paragraph, 5-6 sentences):  Having been rescued by the Garrison soldiers, Urshak has shown an understanding of the military structure and respects his rank in the military.  However, when he rages he forgets all his military training and descipline to the point where he may endanger those around him.  He has developed a fondness for his companions that may be borderline obsession, of possession or being possessed is yet to be seen.  

Defining Moment:
Moment 1 (2-3 sentences):  Urshak has developed an obsession with a particular 1/2 orc in town, Kullen.  Kullen pushed Phage, a female cleric/sorceror in the party.  In retaliation of the offense, Urshak hit Kullen with gauntlets on.  The bar brawl escalated to a point where not only did Kullen's friends attempt to break it up, but also Urshak's comrads, including Phage.  With Kullen unconscious Urshak continued to beat on him until forcible pulled off and his rage expired.  Traits shown:  Obsession/loyalty (could be either) and irrational anger
Moment 2 (2-3 sentences):

The former Slave Gladiator Urshak

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