The Strugling Necromancer Phage

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Physical Description (one paragraph, 5-6 sentences):   Phages bright green eyes gleam like shiney emerralds brom behind her lond Dark Bangs. Her frame is very thin and her skin mearly sickly pale. Runing down each of her arms and on her cheek bones  are tatoos of symbols and prayers to her diety Wee Jas. She stands 5'6" tall and weighs about 130 or so lbs. She ussualy adourns a Dark Grey robe bearing the symbl of Wee Jas on its back and black commoner clothing. Black leather bracers running the length of her forarms as well as leather guards going up her lower legs.

Alignment:   Lawfull Nuetral

Personality (one paragraph, 5-6 sentences):     Both of Phage's parents died in a brutal attack when she was very young. Phage hid in the shadows as she watched her parents get murdered by a rogue Necromancer and his small band of undead. Since that day Phage has had a dark spot of fear burned onto her soul. It is this spot that drives her, to understand death and all its forms; scientific and religious.Phage fears what she doesn't know, which in turn is why she has delved into the necromanic arts to find why her parents died, where they went, and how she can save herself from the same fate. She returns kindness to others but only if it is also given to her. She repects other until they have proven they are not worthy of it. All-in-all Phage is a very out going person, pleasant in conversation and easy to get along with. However she dispsies being manipulated, or toyed with whether it be as a joke or not. Phage has a strick code she follows set down by The Cult of the Green Lady as well as herself (see Public Page)

Defining Moment:
Moment 1 (2-3 sentences):  While in the Whispering Cairn, the Tomb of Zisiel, phage came across a ghost of a young boy who was haunting the tomb. After attempting to speak with the ghost on level terms, The ghost attempted to posses phage. Through strengthof will alone Phage fended off the ghost, but upon attacking Phages soul and touching on the spot of fear upon it the entire grey world of the Veil was opened to Phage. The patrons now peak to her from beyond death, and she uses their knowledge as a tool. .  Traits shown:   Strong personal will, fearlessness in the face Danger
Moment 2 (2-3 sentences): 

The Strugling Necromancer Phage

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