A redolence of fresh pine suffuses this handsome establishment, a distinctive structure that incorporates intricate carved patterns and upright logs.  The proprietor is a curious woman named Venelle, who makes masterwork bows and arrows and also deals in other weapons and armor imported from teh Free City.  The shop is a bit chaotic, with various items piled on tables.  Armor sits loosely on toosmall dummies.

  • Blue Shafted Arrow with Sleek point (367 gp)
    Functions as a +1 Icy Burst Arrow

  • 3x Arrows with yellow and black fletching and symbol of Heirnoneous on point (167 gp Each)
    Functions as a +1 Shock Arrow

Smiling shyly she takes you in back where she keeps items from the Bronze Lodge that she keeps for special customers

  • Suit of Leaf Armor studded with thick thorns (775 gp)
    Functions as a Leaf Leather Armor: Elven Armor 
  • Suit of Wooden Armor (850 gp)
    Functions as  Wooden Chain Shirt: Elven Armor

  • Thunderarrows (35 gp), Multiple arrows Available: Elven Armor
  • Masterwork Blunt Arrows (10 gp each): Elven Armor
  • Masterowrk Flight Arrows (10 gp each): Elven Armor
  • Signal Arrow (10 gp each): Elven Armor
  • Smoke Arrow (25 gp each): Elven Armor


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